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Barn Tool Museum

Our Chebeague Island Living History Barn Tool Museum is a beautiful, authentic, timber frame barn that was seen across America in the 1800’s. The barn frame was built and assembled by the Trees to Timber Frames company located in Harrison, Maine, owned by father and son Dennis and Matt Taber.

Our Barn Tool Museum is itself a museum piece, and hosts a Living History Museum filled with antique farm tools. The tool collection represents those tools used by the many farms on Chebeague Island when farming dominated the Island. In fact, about 80% of the collection is from Chebeague farms, donated by our citizens who want to honor our ancestor farmers. 


We are using these same tools on our farm, and more importantly, using the same farming methods of these original farms. We are preserving, sharing, and teaching these old ways of farming, proving that the regenerative methods of the past are the way forward for farms today and in our future. 


Our Barn Tool Museum safely holds these farm tools and will allow us to teach and demonstrate to our visitors how these tools work. Our barn is a community barn, funded by and for the community and our visitors. The Barn Tool Museum is preserving our past and pointing to a future made better by holding onto our Island ways.

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