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Our Mission

The mission of the Chebeague Island Living History Farm is to offer a three-dimensional setting for visitors to learn about the island’s significant agricultural past and its folk culture. It provides multi-sensory, hands-on education and manages diverse collections, both living and inanimate, while sustaining a complete year-round agricultural environment and agricultural museum.


The Chebeague Island Living History Farm’s priority is the collection, preservation and interpretation of the island’s agricultural culture, traditional skills and historical work practices. It seeks to bring that history to life by providing an environment rich in artifacts, educational and volunteer opportunities and community engagement that focuses attention on island life in past times. Visitors receive an immersion experience in rural and agricultural life that provides unique sensory stimulation, historic information and hands-on education in a complete environment with buildings, landscapes and living collections that once, in combination and across many generations, defined the lives of the majority of islanders. By so doing, the Chebeague Island Living History Farm strives to preserve folkways and foodways and nearly extinct encounters between people, plants, animals and the land in an authentic island setting.



Our Board
Art Ryder
Jim Gallagher, Jr.

Thor Peterson
Frank Durgin, III

Sue Burgess




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